How to Lose Weight in One Day

The first step towards losing weight is to figure out the amount of calories you want to lose. The universal guideline requires you to divide and multiply your weight by 14. Once you are living an active lifestyle, it works very well. This calorie reduction is important to every weight losing system. See the step by step best way to lose weight in one day below.

1. Select your calorie target for the day. Also have the number from step one and send it to everybody in the family to see it and recommend.

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2. You have to figure out your ideal weight for your height. Don't make out unrealistic number for your weight loss target. Rather discover from your doctor or you can check it by yourself to see how to place your ideal weight. Set it as your goal.

How to Lose Weight in One Day

3. Commence a nutrient diary. The best way to lose weight is to take record of everything that enters inside your mouth. Begin to write down on a diary of everything you consume and the calories that it controls.

4. Also use a mobile phone, personal digital assistant, or the other portable device as your food diary. Sometimes, some of the phone carries applications can aid you to figure out the calories in the foods instantly.

5. Or better still purchase a decent diary you like how it looks and make use of it. Assuming you are not the techie type of person, but more artistic in nature a classy diary will also aid you to enjoy the tedium of knowing whatever you consume.

How to Lose Weight in One Day

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