Tricks - Lose Weight in 3 Days

Here are a couple tricks to lose weight in 3 days. Don't want to go through the long painful diet or exercise route for weight loss? Ok, here are some SHORTCUTS.

Lose Weight in 3 Days

\"Lose Weight In 3 Days\"

1. Spinning around

Tricks - Lose Weight in 3 Days

No, this doesn't have anything to do with spinning on a stationary bike. That type of "spinning" is OK for weight loss. What I'm talking about is you spinning around in a circle. Yes... consider me strange. Smile.

But here's the thing. This type of spinning goes to the route of most peoples' problem when it comes to weight loss... their HORMONES. Your hormones are messed up. Your diet and all the exercising in the world won't be able to overcome your hormones and help you to lose weight.

So you need to address the hormones problem.

Spinning in a circle with your arms out like airplane wings does just that. I personally do 20 spins because this is what gets me slightly dizzy... but I've been doing these for years. It's much better for you to try out 5-10 spins and see how your body reacts. If you get an immediate burst of energy, then you'll want to increase the number of spins you do.

I personally do 8-10 sets of 20 spins each day. It only takes my 15 seconds each time I do them. If I can't spare 2 EASY minutes for my health, then I kinda would deserve to be unhealthy and overweight. Your health is everything!

2. Eat baby food

Ok, I'm on a roll for getting you to think I'm really strange, huh?

Anyway, baby foods are higher quality snacks than basically anything else. The government requires higher standards for baby foods. Because they're small and have few calories, these make idea snacks.

I usually stick with the banana baby food myself. But there are plenty of options. I'm not asking you to make all your snacks baby food... just phase it in and eat 1-2 a day. Try it before you discount it.

These are 2 of many tricks on how to lose weight in 3 days or less.

Tricks - Lose Weight in 3 Days

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